Could you share with us what made you jump into the Start-Up space?

I didn’t realize I owned a start-up until someone told me. When I visited San Francisco, everyone said that those who own a start-up have a backpack and a hat with their logo on it. Once I got the Rent Sons hat, I felt I could actually say “I own a start-up”. Now I call it a “Community Based Start-Up.”

I used to own a water special effects company where we threw massive concerts, but I got burnt out from touring the world. I looked for a job for about a month and when no one called me back, I figured it was time to start a business. I have to say, the start-up world is a wild adventure. It really jazzes me up.

What is the history behind the creation of Rent Sons?

Rent Sons began with a millennial trying to figure out how to pay for college. Nothing like going from high school to college where you’re told you have to fork over $40,000 a year. The standard hourly job as a lifeguard wasn’t cutting it and I never put in the work to apply for scholarships. With my back against the wall, I got on my bike, and knocked on every door in my home town. I’m not just saying that either. Literally, every home that I’d pass and want to ignore, I’d say to myself “you never know Pat, this could be the one”, and many times, it was. One led to a $12,000 paint job, another led to a partnership with Tiesto in Las Vegas for my AQUA business, and another gave me a house in Spain for a month.

From there its a series of stories about hard work, persistence, and executing, even if I didn’t feel prepared. So that’s the beginning of Rent Sons.

When I revamped the business this past January, one aspect that changed the game was venturing out to dream. So I’d sit on the beach writing down all the outlandish visions I had. It’s difficult to be creative when you’re stuck in the day-to-day grind. Staleness and negativity can dampen your spirits. The vision I casted was about changing the lives of young adults and bringing communities together to unite. It was a BIG dream, so I needed a clear space, books, and journaling to begin to create that. The founder of Nike put it well, when he was starting his business, “I was always scared of my dreams mostly because I knew who I wasn’t best”. He pressed in and pushed through until his dreams became reality. That’s what I plan on doing as well.

Since the founding of Rent Sons your personal brand has grown immensely, could you share with our Community some of the core tenets surrounding not only growing your personal brand but also the overall goodwill/brand of a company.

Be authentic. Glow. Be different. Talk more about the “why” behind your motives, instead of the “what”.

We help Neighbors move their couch or clearing out some junk. Why? Because we deeply care about serving others. The Son or Daughter’s character is strengthened; neighbors build closer relationships, and slowly but surely, the community becomes unified.

How are you able to successfully balance your day to day commitments? What does a typical week look like for you?

I love my early mornings! I can’t stress that enough. When I don’t have early mornings and sleep in, it seems like I’m playing catch-up the entire day and all I did was work. I love surfing and adventure, working out, reading, writing, praying, and hanging with my girlfriend, friends and family. If I get up at 5:30am it gives me the time to pray, work out, eat well, and get focused for the day. That early morning sparks more energy to attack the day and get more done. That way, I can finish my workday on-time and do other things that bring me life. Balance is a funny idea. Somethings become unbalanced but it’s important not to let key things become unbalanced like your community and health. Those things are much harder to get back.

What is the vision for Rent Sons? What big events/partnerships are you aiming to initiate in the coming year?

The vision I have is for young adults to live FULL LIVES in their communities. I envision a stronger work force with people living out their calling instead of feeling bogged down and trapped.

I aim to become very close with real estate agencies, schools and some bigger corporate businesses.

Who do you look up to? (Inspirational individuals in your life)

I think Bob Goff has to be one of my biggest idols. He is a lawyer/professor who goes after falsely imprisoned children in 3rd world countries. He loves in extravagant ways and fiercely dreams BIG. I love his views on life and people. I hope to bring that love into the culture of Rent Sons as we grow.

Any other sources of inspiration that have become staples in your weekly routine? Reading recommendations are also welcome.

Rest is of huge importance that tends to be undervalued in today’s culture. On Sundays, I don’t want any of our team working. Everyone needs time to be fully with friends and family. Every great machine needs time to cool down. Don’t think you’re some super hero if you work a million hours a week… you’re slowly killing yourself.

Are you hiring?

Always! As we expand, we are looking for Community Builders that want to build out their own communities. All throughout Massachusetts, the local islands, and CT are our focus for 2018. However, everyone needs to start as a Son or Daughter, and we are always accepting applications to work! Looking to 10X what we did in 2017.

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Rent Sons CEO Pat Brown

Rent Sons team hard at work

Rent Sons team helping victims that suffered from Hurricane Sandy driving down from Rhode Island to the Rockaways to give out the goods!

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